The 10th CYFEST Opens in Saint-Petersburg Russia


10th CYFEST (CYBERFEST) in Saint-Petersburg, RU


The 10th annual CYFEST will be held in St. Petersburg from January 25 to February 7, 2017.
The CYFEST 10 program will include an exhibition of new media, sound, and digital art in addition to video screenings, and an educational program of lectures, workshops and master classes.


One of the largest international media art festivals, CYFEST was founded in St. Petersburg in 2007 by independent artists and curators. The festival promotes the emergence of new forms of art and high technology interactions. CYFEST’s goal is to develop professional connections between artists, curators, engineers and programmers around the world to expose wide audiences to robotics, video, sound and net art. Over the last decade, CYFEST has featured artists from Russia, USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Italy, the Philippines among other countries.

For its 10th anniversary, CYFEST significantly expands its international reach to present projects in America (New York), Colombia (Bogotá), and Mexico (Mexico City) as well as programming in Russia (Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg).

In St. Petersburg, CYFEST has had partnerships with respected classical and experimental art institutions including the Scientific Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, Museum of Applied Arts of St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Youth Educational Centre of the State Hermitage Museum, Taiga Creative Space, Luda Gallery, Golitsyn Hall, and St. Petersburg Sound Museum.

For its anniversary, CYFEST will gather more than 100 artists from 20 countries. Honorable participants of the festival include Moscow-based Irina Nakhova (who represented Russia at the Venice Biennale 2015); Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi (participant of Documenta 8 held every five years in the German city of Kassel), and an artist repeated by shown at the Venice Biennale), Phill Niblock (New Yorker minimalist composer, multimedia musician, and director of the Experimental Intermedia Foundation), and William Latham (Britain’s media artist working at the intersection of processual art, genetics and computer graphics.)

The main project of the festival is “Frame of reference”, referring to one of the greatest inventions in history — the Cartesian coordinates. This coordinate system is a metaphor applicable to the art world as symbolic guiding lines which shape understanding of time, history and form the basis of fine arts techniques, musical notation as the language of harmony, and of the periodic table of chemical elements.

Concept of the 10th International Media Art Festival CYFEST

CYFEST is organized by the international media art laboratory CYLAND with the participation of the Northwest Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts as part of ROSIZO. CYFEST is supported by the ‘St. Petersburg Arts project” (USA) and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Curatorial Team:

CYFEST 10 is curated by Anna Frants and Elena Gubanova. Selected parts of CYFEST programming is co-curated by Sofia Kudryavtseva (Education), Victoria Ilyushkina (Video Art), Leah Stuhltrager (Digital Media Screening), Sergey Komarov (Sound Art), Varvara Yegorova and Lizaveta Matveeva (Exhibition).

Advisory Board:

Silvia Burini – Director, Centre for the Studies of Russian Arts (CSAR); Professor, History of Russian Art and Russian Cultural History at Ca’Foscari University (Italy)
Sophia Kudryavtseva – Director, Youth Educational Center of the State Hermitage (Russia)
Phill Niblock – Multimedia Composer; Director, Experimental Intermedia (USA)

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