CYFEST Continues at the Eighteenth-Century Royal Palace in Caserta, Italy


CYFEST Caserta

CYFEST, international festival of art and technology, for the first time in Italy

The XI edition of the Russian festival arrives in Caserta, after New York, St. Petersburg, Beijing and Brighton.

Reggia di Caserta
22th June -1st July 2018

On June 22, 2018, CYFEST will arrive at the majestic eighteenth-century Reggia di Caserta in Italy, the largest royal residence in the world and one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. In the outstanding baroque rooms, art and technology will dialogue with ancient classical visions. Italian and Russian artists will explore the theme “Weather Forecast: Digital Cloudiness”.


Il 22 Giugno 2018 il Cyfest arriverà a Caserta (Italia) nella maestosa Reggia del ‘700, la più grande residenza reale del mondo, dichiarata dall’UNESCO patrimonio dell’umanità. Nelle meravigliose stanze barocche, arte e tecnologia dialogheranno con le visioni classiche. Artisti italiani e russi esploreranno il tema dell’undicesima edizione del Cyfest “Previsioni del tempo: nuvolosità digitale.


Curated by: Anna Frants, Elena Gubanova, Isabella Indolfi

Artists: Anna Frants, Donato Piccolo, Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov, Licia Galizia (in collaboration with composers Michelangelo Lupone and Laura Bianchini), Alexandra Dementieva, Franz Cerami, Daniele Spanò, Aleksey Grachev and Sergey Komarov, Maurizio Chiantone

CYFEST venue, the eighteenth-century Royal Palace of Caserta

In line with the concept of Cyfest 2017-2018, “Weather Forecast: Digital Cloudiness”, the Caserta exhibition invites artists to reflect on the influence of technology on life today. Man has always tried to control and predict the weather conditions, unpredictable by nature, a metaphor of the future.

However, in the modern era, Man has modified, through irresponsible behavior, even the planetary climate. At the same time digital is a ubiquitous cloud that permeates and modifies, as if wearing Kantian lenses, all aspects of social life: from work, to communication, to personal relationships, to intimate ones. We live in parallel worlds, in “private clouds”, the “Public cloud”, “community clouds” and “hybrid clouds”. The only one who uses the digital consciously, bending it to his needs and answering his own questions, is the artist, who, through new technologies, tries to re-create, recover and arouse, what is most profoundly human: doubt, feeling and emotion.

The CYFEST Festival is organized annually by Cyland Media Art Lab, a non-profit organization founded in 2007, based in St. Petersburg and New York, which aims to promote the interaction between new forms of art and the most advanced technologies. In 11 years of activity, CYFEST has created connections and cultural exchanges between Russia and the rest of the world, hosting 236 artists and 37 curators from USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Italy, the Philippines and organizing exhibitions in Moscow, New York, Bogotá, Mexico City, London, Berlin, Tokyo and in many other cities all over the world. Among the prestigious partners of the Cyfest are The State Hermitage Museum, the Pratt Institute, Leonardo/ISAST and the NCCA of St.Petersburg. (Explore CYFEST history 2007-2017)

“This year Cyfest decided to invest in the Campania region, shining a light on one of the landmarks of Neapolitan culture: the Royal Palace of Caserta. In order to make this event an opportunity of growth for all, we are building a vast network of partners from Caserta through the major cultural institutions of Naples (including the Campania Region, MADRE Museum, Città della Scienza, Fondazione Banco Napoli)” explains curator Isabella Indolfi.

The event is organized with the contribution of OneMarketData; under the patronage of the Campania Region, the Donnaregina Foundation for contemporary arts, the Idis Foundation - Città della Scienza, the Banco di Napoli Foundation; in network with Seminaria Festival, Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, 012 Factory, Interferences New Media Festival, Dynamic Museum of Technology - Adriano Olivetti of Caserta; mediapartner Digicult.

Preview for journalists and institutions: Thursday 21th June from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm.
Please confirm your presence by contacting the press office.

Exhibition opening: Friday 22th June from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

The exhibition takes place in the 18th-century apartments, open every day except Tuesday, from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm (ticket office closes 18.45). Admission to the exhibition is free with the ticket for the historic apartments. For more information on timetables and prices, see the Royal Palace of Caserta website sito della Reggia di Caserta

Press Office: Alessandra del Giudice,, +39-3899415580


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