CYLAND to Present DRUMPAINTING in Vilnius


CYLAND MediaArtLab has recently come to Europe with the new supporting base in the Baltic region. CYLAND MediArtLab Vilnius was launched in the framework of Uzupis Art Incubator (UMI). This geographical update will surely attract new artists, programmers, engineers and activists to initiate new projects in the field of media arts.

On March 21 (the vernal equinox day and concurrently Uzupis New Year) we will present in Vilnius our work and mission and install of MediaArtLab’s well-known interactive projects DRUMPAINTING PHOTOROBOT, that allows to transform live sound into moving image, thus realizing an idea of “colour music” on a modern technological level.

Idea by Anna Frants
Programming by Alexey Grachev, Mikhail Chernov

During the performance musician plays several percussion instruments (in a video fragment was used only toy drum, shooting was done on a development stage). Signal from each drum is transmitted to a computer. Custom software transforms it into an image (graphical data prepared by the artist beforehand).

Streams of images are mixed during the session by the means of custom interface, creating some kind of an abstract ‘animation’, which is demonstrated to public during performance. Software allows not only mix images, but also change color and size of an image on each channel (maximum 4), and use several additional effects (multiplication of an image, change transparency, delay of a previous image, inversion and so on), to get unlimited variations.

While DRUMPAINTING has several artistic versions, the one that will be shown is PHOTOROBOT by Vladimir Lilo, where the performer creates a generative identikit projection.

Video program curated by Marina Koldobskaya and Maria Korosteleva “Something About Power” will be screened during the event, introducing the audience to Russian video art scene.

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