Cyland goes to Japan!

In the beginning of July Cyland MediaArtLab (Anna Frants and Marina Koldobskaya in particular) will arrange a number of presentations in Japan, Kurogava Inn Museum, Konya2023 gallery and elementary school of Fukuoka town. Here is a short plan and links:

6th of July, Kyounosei No Sato (Kurogava Inn Museum)
Marina Koldobskaya – workshop, painting

9th of July, Amagi elementary school (Fukuoka)
Daniil and Anna Frants will present a workshop with robot-toys for japan children

10th of July, gallery  Konya2023, Fukuoka
media system Drumpainting (Cyland MediaArtLab)
“Red Ice” performance, dance by Yoshiko Swain, painting by Kazunobu Yanagi

11th of July, Onrakukan
Russian night - “Drumpainting Brush Stroke”

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