Two lectures from “Prometheus” research institute in St. Petersburg

CYLAND MediaArtLab Kronshtadt,
NCCA St.Petersburg branch and SPB Arts Project, New York

Lectures by Alexander Ovsyannikov
(“Prometheus” research institute, Kazan)

Leon Theremin – the pioneer of electronic art
“Prometheus” research institute – art of the space age


- Sportivnaya metro station, Bolshoy prospekt Petrogradskoy storony, building 18 A,
Institute of psychoanalysis, [site ] Contacts: 8 911 784 21 17

Two lectures in one day – 14th of June.
Beginning will be at 17.30.

A curator of Kazan light music center “Prometheus” Alexander Ovsyannikov will present a program about activities of the world-famous collective “Prometheus”, which started in 1962 and since this time worked its way up from amateur student’s construction department to the joint research institute ”Prometheus” of A.N. Tupolev State Technical University of Kazan and Tatarstan Academy of Sciences. The name “Prometheus”, which became a Kazan brand for a long time, closely connected with its permanent leader, light music pioneer, author of all technical and art projects in various spheres, corresponding member of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, professor Bulat Makhmudovich Galeyev.

* «Prometheus» webpage



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