11th CYFEST in St. Petersburg, Russia


This year, CYFEST is partnering with Lumen to exhibit in St. Petersburg 2016 Lumen Prize Gold Award winner Hyperplanes of Simultaneity by Fabio Giampietro and Alessio de Vecchi and the 2017 Founders Award, Slide to Expose by by Nicole Ruggiero, Molly Soda, and Refrakt alongside a showreel of selected moving image works.

(img: © Maurice Benayoun, Emotion Winds, 2014)

The human being is constantly looking for a comfort zone. Changes induce anxiety and a desire to stick to the already known, familiar and comfortable. We suggest to treat changes in the realm of the digital technologies, which became integrated to our mundane life, as if they were the weather patterns. As something that is beyond our control, but what directly affects our routine.

Throughout its history, the CYFEST Festival main concerns were to inspect the dialog between new and traditional visual languages and to try to show the technological achievements via artistic conversion.

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