Kurvenschreiber Performs in Vilnius, Lithuania


Kurvenschreiber, a synth trio including CYLAND Audio Archive curators Sergey Komarov and Vlad Dobrovolsky, performed on April 26  at Cultural Marathon (Kulturos Maratonas) in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Along experimental performances this event featured film and video art screenings, installations and creative explorations of the most popular mediums. CYLAND MediArtLab Vilnius has been recently launched in the framework of Uzupis Art Incubator (UMI). And this geographical update has already attracted new artists, programmers, engineers and activists to initiate new projects in the field of media arts.

As for our beloved trio, Kurvenschreiber’s sound concept can be described in disyllabic German title — something, that draws a curve. Sound waves generation from such curves happens, when electrons beat in analog circuits. This process needs to be recorded on the film, and its magnetic properties are not just a fashion tribute, but a necessity for those, interested in a delicate processes, natural frequencies and their resonances. Read the rest of this entry »

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