CYBERFEST 2013 in Berlin: Time and Place


Held annually since 2007, CYBERFEST is the first and biggest festival for technologically based art in Russia. Growing over years to become a massive international event, CYBERFEST 2012 rose to include over 80 artists held across St Petersburg’s top institutions: The State Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, KURYOKHIN MODERN ART CENTER, POLIGRAF Art Hall, Borey Gallery, and the Gallery of Experimental Sound.

This year, CYBERFEST will be held in Berlin  from November 12 to 17 – marking the first time this important event is held outside St Petersburg. This significant move was designed to strengthen the cultural exchange between Art and Technology creatives within Russia and their international counterparts.

The festival will feature CAPITAL OF NOWHERE – a Venetian group show of Russian artists organized by CYLAND and dedicated to the experience of living in a changing landscape during the Information Age. Among exhibited artworks of the 10 artists personalizing effects of industrialization, urbanization, revolution, wars, constructions and reconstructions. CAPITAL OF NOWHERE has been called “eye-popping” and “technologically-inspired, strengthening the position of digital art in the world art scene” by The Creators Project – the best resource on media art and technology.

There will aslo be a parrallel theme – “Paradigm Shift” used to describe nonconsecutive anomalies that transform the processes of intellectual thought. Such shifts fuel advancements of society. Not observable without context of history or time- these changes define ages on reflection. Artworks pushing their inherent creative medium from the present into the future were selected to contextualize what has been and what may be.

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