Youth Center at the State Hermitage Museum,
Charitable Foundation St Petersburg Arts Project (NY),
Kolodzei Art Foundation (NY)
With the support of CYLAND Media Art Lab
Within the scope of the project:
“Cutting-Edge Art of St. Petersburg. A Retrospective”.

From private collections of St. Petersburg art collectors
Curator: Leonid Frants
January 23-27, 2013

Artists: Nikolai Akimov, Aleksandr Arefiev, Aleksandr Baturin, Viktor Burtas, Richard Vasmi, Solomon Gershov, Yevgenia Gorokhova, Valentin Gromov, Rodion Gudzenko, Nikolai Zhukov, Anatoly Zaslavsky, Iosif Zisman, Igor Ivanov, Anatoly Kaplan, Aleksandr Kozhin, Pavel Kondratiev, Boris Koshelokhov, Ludmila Kutsenko, Valentin Levitin, Yevgeny Mikhnov-Voitenko, Gerta Nemenova, Leon Nissenbaum, Valentina Povarova, Valeriy Rabchinsky, Solomon Rossin, Ivan Sotnikov, Vladimir Sterligov, Gennady Ustugov, Vladimir Shagin, Sholom Shvarts, Boris Ender, Vladimir Yashke.

01.23.2013. 18.00 Opening of the exhibition.

First showing of the documentary “Richard Vasmi” from the project of Tatiana and Natalia Kolodzei “Reflections on Art”. St. Petersburg, 1997. © Kolodzei Art Foundation

01.24.2013. 6.30 PM - Meeting with the art collector Boris Faizullin

01.26.2013. 4.00 PM - Round table discussion with the collectors Galina Chudnovskaya, Boris Faizullin, Aleksey Rodionov, Sofia Kudryavtseva, Leonid Frants.

Rooms of the Youth Center at the General Staff Building.
Third Floor.
Admission free.

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Simple Rules

It is impossible to tell an objective story about the time past. Now our memory plays tricks by a random selection of moments, now people around us redefine them for us and start believing that this is indeed how it was. Only the Things, that have remained, do not lie. They did not change their opinion, nor did they succumb to anyone’s urging; they stay exactly the same as they were when somebody “invited” them to their home by making them part of their collection.

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