Cyberfest 2012 Saint Petersburg

By Bruce Sterling, WIRED

Address: The State Hermitage Museum, Dvortsovaya sq., 6-8, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Info: Over 80 artists, groups and scholars represent more than 20 countries in Russia’s largest annual New Media Festival, CYBERFEST. CYBERFEST was established in 2007; it is organized on the basis of CYLAND Media Art Lab, a cooperation project of PACT Charitable Foundation (Saint Petersburg, Russia) and the non-commercial organization “Saint Petersburg Arts Project” (New York, USA).

CYBERFEST 2012: ‘AT HEAVEN’S DOOR’ / November 23-28, 2012
Held at: The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg State University, Creative Space Tkachi, Art re.FLEX Gallery, Frants Gallery Space among others

For the 6th Annual Edition, CYBERFEST 2012 explores the impacts of art and technology on society’s future through a 6 day multidisciplinary event titled ‘AT HEAVEN’S DOOR’. Exhibits, events and performances across St Petersburg’s top cultural venues present varied perspectives on the physical state of international New Media and the metaphysical directions it leads society.

CYBERFEST 2012′s exhibition program:

Artwork by: Alexandra Dementieva (Belgium-Russia), Koen Theys (Belgium), Leo Nunez (Argentina), Mariela Yeregui & Miguels Grassi (Argentina), Fran & Jim (France), Maria Theresa Sartori (Italy), Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov (Russia), Anna Frants (USA-Russia), Oleg Melnik (Belarus), Alice Eggert (USA), Natalya Lyakh (France)

Screenings of Videos by: Maria Theresa Sartori (Italy), Francesca Fini (Italy), Anna Yermolaewa (Austria), Tina Willgren (Sweden), Joaquin Palencia (Philippines), Rimas Sakalauskas (Lithvania), Heini Aho (Finland), Pink Twins (Finland), Lisa Strőmbeck (Sweden), AUJIK, Stefan Larsson (Sweden), Loudwig van Ludens (Germany), Anssi Kasitonni (Finland), Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub (Germany), TOTART, Natalia Abalakova & Anatoliy Zhigalov (Russia)

A survey of Brazil Video Art by: Alex Villar (Brazil–USA), Fernanda d’Agostino (USA), Fernado Velazquez (Brazil), Carolina Redondo (Chile), Angie Bonino (Peru), Rachel Rosalen (Brazil), Sergio Ulhoa (Brazil), Cesar Meneghetti (Brazil), Mat Rappaport (USA) / Curated by Miguel Petchkovsky Morais (Brazil–Netherlands)

Sound art by: Laurie Spiegel (USA), Nick Edwards (UK), Don Slepian (USA), Mark Hannesson (Canada), Alex Pleninger (Russia), (Russia), top40 (Russia), Motor (Russia), dropouT (Russia), Hans Tammen (USA), Kurvenschreiber (Russia), ::vtol:: (Russia)

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