‘WE ARE HERE’ at Venice Biennale



an exhibition by Ludmila Belova, Alexandra Dementieva,
Anna Frants, Ivan Govorkov, Elena Gubanova and Marina Koldobskaya

3rd June, 2011 at 5 PM
Venice, Italy: Dorsoduro 1686
Waterbus stop: San Basilio

Curated by: Silvia Burini. Supported By: Cyland Media Art Lab; National Center for Contemporary Arts, St.Petersburg Branch; St. Petersburg Arts Project; Fondazione Universita Ca Foscai.

“God Possibly Surrounds” – said the poet Alexander Vvedensky. It was in Leningrad in 1930. A completely different age, a different country, a different city – everything was different and had a different name. But these words have remained because no more important words could be said.

History, one way or around, “surrounds” – the everyday career and domestic fighting against a background of the global news: vibrations of the political regimes, fluctuations of the social climate, economic booms and crises, marvels of science and fancies of art.

The poet said: “Possibly”. If there is enough levity, we assume that all that is happening has a meaning. If there is enough courage, we do not assume. “The star of non-sense shines, It alone is bottomless” – that’s what he said.

“God” is the one who called you, and, whether you like it or not, you will have to reply: “This is I”.

So, if He – Possibly – Surrounds, then where – in reality – are we?

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