“Movement Perception” - an online interactive installation

“Movement Perception” - an online interactive installation

From 15 to 18 of february a media artist Sergej Kotsun was a guest of Kronshtadt Cyland Residence, near St. Petersburg.

Project concept: displaying realtionship between the space and the viewer, changes of space in the process of perception viewer’s movements (motion, hand moving, etc…); development of system to perceive audio-visual art, where viewer becames the author himself, the main character of an interactive audio-visual performance.

Realization: a video stream from the PC with connected web camera, being transmitted to the projection screen using the multimedia projector. When viewer appears in the working zone of a web camera, he sees himself on a projection screen, surrounded by transparent squares (squares exist only on projection screen). Installed on PC program analyzes movements of a viewer. When viewer and square become in contact on the screen, a sample corresponding to the square, as in musical instrumesnts, is playing and a primitive geometrical element being added to the image on the screen. After the series of contacts the space of the exhibition becomes filled with sounds and the screen is filled with abstract suprematic compositions.


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